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What’s Your Story?

Self Worth

What’s your story?

We each have a story, so what’s yours? There is often confusion between who we tell ourselves we are and who we want to be. Until these are in line, we will never achieve our goals because it impacts our beliefs.

One of my favourite quotes

I would like to share one of my favourite quotes;

‘You are not what happened to you, but who you want to become’

We often spend so much time focusing on what has happened to us that we forget who we want to become. Our story is often made up of key events which have happened to us in our life and whilst some of them are positive, our natural tendency to lean towards the negative means we let the negative events dominate our story.

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Self Worth


In just about every post I’ve done so far, I’ve mentioned self-worth, fear and self-sabotage! I’ve gone on about how important they are because they form the foundation of our negative self-talk. But yet, I’ve still not written about any of them!

The reason, in all honesty, is that they are that profound and interrelated that I’ve not known where to start! But after recently talking about exactly this with a friend, I’ve decided to start with the background to self worth and why it’s so damn important!

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