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A Little Favour to Ask…


Hi guys!

As you know, I’m pulling together some pretty cool stuff to share with you very shortly! And I have a little favour to ask! If you can spare 10 minutes, please could you fill out a short questionnaire for me as it would really help me gain a better understanding of what issues I can assist with.

Here’s a link below to the questionnaire – let me know if there are any problems!
Thanks and much love!

Awesome Things Are Coming!


I’ve got some awesome things planned for you guys over the next few weeks and months!! I’m super excited!!

It does mean that I’m going to take a break from writing my weekly posts just whilst I work on the new stuff and updating the site behind the scenes. 

Please bear with me, I will be back!! The site will still be up and running so please go back and check out your favourite posts again whilst I put together some new content and an improved site for you!





Welcome to betruelivetrue!

I’m so excited to be finally writing my first post (I don’t think the ‘coming soon’ one really counts!).

Hopefully you’ve read my ‘About’ page so you already have a pretty good idea of what betruelivetrue is all about, but I wanted to give you an idea of what you can expect over the next few months.

It’s all about me…!

You can obviously expect to hear a lot from me! The things which are currently going on in my life as well as more detail on how I’ve made such a huge change to my mindset over the last few months. I want to share everything I’ve learnt, from the bigger picture of how our minds work, right down to what I do on a daily basis to make sure I stay on track.

A little bit of info…

My main objective is to keep it real and personal, basically how I deal with real life situations. But you can expect some more general, ‘info’ posts too which will be particularly helpful in explaining how our minds work.

Don’t worry, I won’t bombard you with too much information, there’s already enough out there! I’ll just explain the basics so you know what I’m waffling on about!

Ok, so it’s not quite all about me…!

To make sure you don’t get bored of hearing all about me, there will also be guest posts from some pretty awesome people who I’ve met along the way! I can’t wait to introduce them to you!

So what’s the plan?

To just go with the flow and see where it takes me!

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to share this with you all!


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