Fear and Self Sabotage – Part Four

Fear and Self Sabotage

Fear and Self Sabotage – Part Four

We’ve covered a lot over the last few weeks on fear and self-sabotage! I just wanted to share a few last thoughts in a final post!

Digging deep

I’m not going to lie; you’ll need to dig deep to get to the bottom of some fears. The good news is that you will address some small ones first as you’ll naturally ‘defend’ yourself from the biggest ones until your mind knows you’re ready. So when they start to rise to the surface, remember it’s because the time is right and you have the confidence in yourself and necessary tools to deal with them now.

It’s important to remember that fear results from limiting beliefs that are derived from past behaviours which we learn from others. It can take a while to figure out where these limiting beliefs have come from but the easiest way is to look back and see times in your life where you’ve felt resistance or held yourself back. Ask yourself ‘what were the reasons for this?’

By doing this we find the blocks. Look at the results you’ve had around health, money, career etc. Focus on the areas where you’re not getting the results you’re after. What do you keep telling yourself? Remember, the main reason we don’t get the results we’re after is because we’re running on auto pilot i.e. leading from our subconscious and those limiting beliefs.

Once we’ve discovered our beliefs

Once you’ve discovered your beliefs, there can sometimes be fear around changing them. If you’re struggling with this ask yourself the following questions;

  • how are these beliefs, thoughts and feelings affecting me and my family?
  • how long have they been an issue?
  • what are the results in my life from this behaviour?
  • what have I missed out on because of them?
  • what will I miss out on in the future if I don’t change them? Can I live with that?
  • what do I need to do to change?
  • how will I feel once I’ve changed?
  • what will I accomplish?
  • how will it affect me and my family?
  • what evidence do I have that I don’t deserve to achieve what I want?!

I found the answers to these questions quite powerful and very surprising!

Once we change our thoughts, we change our beliefs which ultimately changes our actions. And then we start to achieve our dreams.

What should you take away from this?

A headache probably! A few pretty deep posts recently!! I promise to do something more light hearted next!

I hope you’ve now got a better understanding of self-worth, fear, self-sabotage and how it’s all connected to our thoughts, beliefs and actions. It’s something I can talk about for hours (or more if I’ve been drinking prosecco – you’ve been warned!) and really is the foundation of improving our mindset which is the key to becoming our true selves and become the totally awesome peeps we deserve to be!

So this is what I want you to take away;

  • You are incredible and you deserve love and belonging
  • You deserve joy and happiness
  • Joy and happiness will only be found by being true to who you really are
  • You do not need anyone else’s approval and you will not be an outcast for following your dreams. Those who do not accept you for who you really are, are not worth your time. Through my experience, I have gained multiples of friends compared to the number I have lost
  • You are not alone and never will be
  • Everything you have ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear
  • 95% of what we fear never happens!

We are extremely tough, tolerant and strong. Failure has been the foundation of creativity, innovation and change for many years and therefore shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing! There is a common saying that failure is just research! Ask any successful person and I can guarantee that they failed many times before they succeeded.

When we start to love and respect ourselves we let go of who we think we should be and become who we really are, our true selves.

At this point our freedom begins.

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