Mind Body Connection

Mind Body Connection

Mind Body Connection

I hope you’ve all had an awesome Christmas and New Year! I’ve experienced a huge shift over the last few days which I can’t wait to share as it’s a perfect example of how powerful the mind body connection is.

Before Christmas I knew I needed to take some time out to reflect; I achieved a lot in 2015 and I’ve set some pretty awesome goals for 2016, but I knew I needed to take a step back and a bird’s eye view on my life to appreciate what I’ve achieved and where I am right now. I also knew that there were things I needed to work through before I could move forward in achieving my goals!

How did I know this?

As I’ve explained in previous posts I know there is a shift coming when I start to struggle with mindfulness and feel frustrated, unbalanced and unsettled. I was also feeling tension in my shoulders (frustration), chest (sadness) and stomach (fear).

With everything we had planned over Christmas, it was a few days before I had the space I needed to deal with the issues, by which time the tension had got worse; it felt like I had tennis balls in my chest and stomach! I had also development tension around my hips and pelvis (creativity).

Where did I start?

At this point I was totally confused! My body seemed to be sending me so many messages which I didn’t understand! I felt so frustrated and like I was going round in circles, where did I start?!

Then I started to feel tingling in my left leg and straight away I knew this was where I needed to start because it was a sign I was unwilling to move forward. As the left side is the female side, I knew the most likely person stopping me was myself.

What did I do?

I wrote down everything that I was feeling frustrated about, all the thoughts which were running through my head. I didn’t try to structure it, I just let it flow.

I really can’t recommend this enough because by writing everything down, I cleared my mind which allowed it to be open to answers. I’d removed the sub conscious ‘old tapes’ and allowed my conscious mind to take over. This was so important because until I’d done this, I was trying to solve the problem with the same tool that had created it! Never going to happen!

Once I’d finished writing, I wrote down the five areas of my life;

  • Purpose/career
  • Finances
  • Physical
  • Social/relationships
  • Spiritual

Under each one, I wrote what my biggest concern was which had become clear from the first step. The following are a few examples of what I wrote;

  • Finances – ‘I have limiting beliefs around money’
  • Social/relationships – ‘I’m scared that if I change I will lose my family and friends’, ‘I want to experience new things and see new places’
  • Spiritual – ‘I don’t feel connected’, ‘I don’t believe or trust in myself’,

What did it mean?

Straight away I could see a clear running theme – I was having issues around change.

Based on everything I’d written down so far I could see that part of me was really embracing change because it meant following my passions and dreams and would lead to me experiencing new things and seeing new places. In fact, I was embracing it so much that the thought of things not changing and not following this path, scared me. But another part of me was terrified that if I changed, people wouldn’t like me and I’d lose those closest to me.

These two conflicting subconscious thoughts were causing a huge amount of resistance and resulted in me not trusting and believing in myself! And this is why my body had been screaming out in all areas – sadness in not following my dreams, fear that I would lose people and of moving forward, resistance to following a path that embraces my creativity.

So where had all this come from?

Most of us, including myself have limiting beliefs around money and this is something I’ve been working on recently. These limiting beliefs are often derived from things we heard growing up.

There is also a lot of change happening in my life all of which is good and based on passion and intuition.

One of the statements around money which I’d heard growing up that really jumped out at me was ‘money changes people’. I hadn’t realised it but this had been impacting every area of my life.

I knew that if I managed my money properly I could fulfil my dreams, in addition there is the opportunity to make more money! However, my subconscious was telling me that if this happens, I would change (because this is what I had heard growing up!) and would lose the people I love. But this was conflicting with my desire to follow my passion and embrace my creativity which is essentially how we express our true selves.

How did I move forward?

I wrote down opposing statements to the concerns which I’d had. Here’s a few as an example;

  • I am consciously committed to embracing change
  • I am consciously committed to believing and trusting in myself
  • I trust and believe in myself to stay true and grounded

And specifically related to money;

  • I trust and believe in myself to be responsible with money
  • I am consciously committed to a positive relationship with money
  • Money is my friend

Now that I am aware of the issues, I am able to monitor my thoughts and beliefs surrounding them. I will replace any negative ‘old tapes’ which play with my new conscious commitments until they become ‘habit’.

In order to keep myself on track, feeling connected to my passions and dreams I also need to make sure I stick to my ‘go to’ list! I’ll share that with you in my next post!

But for now, I can honestly say I feel awesome!

What should you take away from this?

The mind body connection is amazing and your body doesn’t lie. If any of the above resonates with you, try the exercises I did and let me know how you get on by posting a comment below.

I hope you can see how one belief can impact all areas of our lives and that once we have discovered and addressed it, the positive changes can be huge!

If you would like a detailed breakdown of what the physical feelings relate to, I would highly recommend the ‘Louise Hay Heal Your Body A-Z’ app.

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