Mindset – The Basics!

The Basics

Mindset – The Basics!

I’d never fully appreciated how much our thoughts effect every part of our life; career, relationships, finances, health, where we live. Whilst we believe that we are consciously making our decisions, the fact is, a whopping 95% of our thoughts are made by our sub conscious.

Why is this such a bad thing?

The sub conscious is a very useful bit of kit and shouldn’t be underestimated! Our brain receives around 400 billion pieces of information each second, yes, that’s not a typo, second! If we tried to process all that information we’d have a serious meltdown! So our brains filter it down to about 2,000, which in all fairness, is still pretty impressive! How does it filter it? By looking at what we’ve experienced in the past in order to determine what we’ll find ‘useful’.

I think about it like online shopping! Say I want a new pair of jeans, I go to the Next website and type in ‘jeans’ to which I get search results for hundreds of pairs of jeans so I need to narrow it down. I click on the ‘filter’ button and hey presto, I can now select my options – ‘gender’, ‘size’, ‘colour’, ‘style’ etc, and before I know it I’ve narrowed it down from hundreds, to half a dozen.

This all sounds great, except the filters are set by automatic behaviours based on beliefs we’ve often picked up from others. Our beliefs are like ‘old tapes’ which we keep playing over and over again. The craziest part is that we picked up most of these beliefs before we were five so in essence we’re letting our five-year-old self control our thoughts. Now that’s scary!

The result is that we often miss out on new things, particularly new opportunities, because of this pre-programmed filtering.

So what’s ‘mindset’?

Our ‘mindset’ is simply our state of mind. It’s about understanding what ‘old tapes’ are playing and what impact they’re having on our thoughts and ultimately our lives.

As a society we love to study what’s ‘wrong’. We plan for disasters and emergencies, we study disease and love to solve a problem! As a result, our minds tend to lean towards negative thinking appose to positive thinking. By making the change to focus on the positive, we see the world and our lives in a whole different way, we see the opportunities that are right in front of us.

By understanding our mindset we can work on changing our sub conscious thoughts to have a positive impact on our lives and help us to achieve the life we dream of.

I think Bruce Lipton sums it up perfectly –

‘The function of the mind is to create coherence between our beliefs and the reality we experience.’

So what’s ‘mindfulness’ then?

The term ‘mindfulness’ is huge in the press right now which is fantastic!

Mindfulness is a technique we use to improve our mindset. It is the awareness of the present moment, the here and now, this second only. Ultimately the past has gone, there is nothing we can do to change it. We have not yet lived our future so lets not waste time worrying about it. However, our future is determined entirely by what we do today, so by bringing our focus to the now, we are in fact positively impacting our future.

By focusing on this moment, we take back control of our lives. It brings a great feeling of connection by being aware of our thoughts and feelings, the world around us and how our body is feeling.

We all have a ‘lucky’ friend…

You know the one that finds the £20 note on the pavement, or gets the best deals. Their ‘luck’ is because they live in the moment. By being in the moment and not the past or future, they see what’s right in front of them. That £20 note was probably walked past by lots of people, but they were all too busy thinking about what to have for tea or rushing to their next appointment, they simply missed it! That ‘lucky’ friend is therefore no luckier than you or I!

Why is it important?

Mindfulness has been the foundation of my journey and my most important ‘tool’; without it nothing else would have followed. It’s only by being in the present moment that we hear the ‘old tapes’ that we’re playing to ourselves. Once I started paying attention to what I was sub consciously telling myself I realised that my beliefs were based on fear and lack of self-worth which led me to sabotage opportunities which came my way because I was either too scared or simply didn’t believe I deserved them.

What should you take away from this?

I will be sharing a lot on mindset and the importance of mindfulness in future posts but for now, just be more aware of your thoughts. What are you telling yourself on a daily basis? Would you say the same things to the people you love? What benefits are these thoughts bringing to your life, if any?

Awareness is a huge step and shouldn’t be underestimated. So for now, just be aware, don’t try to change anything and I’ll be sharing my top tips with you very soon!

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