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What We Can Learn From Feeling Overwhelmed

Fear and Self Sabotage

What We Can Learn From Feeling Overwhelmed

I’ve been feeling seriously overwhelmed recently! A lot of awesome things have been going on – some big decisions and a lot of great opportunities all coming at once.

I’ve been rushing around thinking that not only can I do it all, but I can do it entirely on my own – after all, I’m superwoman!!

So what can we learn from feeling overwhelmed?

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What’s Your Story?

Self Worth

What’s your story?

We each have a story, so what’s yours? There is often confusion between who we tell ourselves we are and who we want to be. Until these are in line, we will never achieve our goals because it impacts our beliefs.

One of my favourite quotes

I would like to share one of my favourite quotes;

‘You are not what happened to you, but who you want to become’

We often spend so much time focusing on what has happened to us that we forget who we want to become. Our story is often made up of key events which have happened to us in our life and whilst some of them are positive, our natural tendency to lean towards the negative means we let the negative events dominate our story.

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Why is Life Balance Important?


Why is Life Balance Important?

We’re all familiar with the term ‘work-life balance’ but what do we need to consider to fulfil the ‘life’ section? And why is ‘work-life’ balance just one component of overall life balance?

I’ve discovered that life balance is extremely important and plays a key part in happiness.

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What Can Physical Pain Tell Us About Our Thoughts?

Mind Body Connection

What Can Physical Pain Tell Us About Our Thoughts?

One of the biggest benefits I’ve gained from understanding the mind body connection is the ability to read what my physical pain is telling me and address the thought behind it before it escalates into something much bigger and painful.

We have a tendency to ignore our mental health and ‘push through’ for a number of reasons, be it stigma or lack of tangibility, but we do tend to pay attention to our physical wellbeing.

There is a lot of research however which suggests that many of our physical issues are manifested because of our mindset and that by addressing the thoughts behind the pain, we can heal the physical problem.

Before you stop reading, let me just say I wasn’t convinced either to begin with! Sounds a bit happyish right?! I thought so too but please bear with me!

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What’s Your Definition of Happiness?

The Basics

What’s Your Definition of Happiness?

Ask most people what they want in life and a good majority of them will respond with ‘happy’. If I asked you to choose one thing you wanted for your loved ones, you’d most likely say ‘for them to be happy’. Simple right?! So why is it so damn hard to be happy?! What I discovered was that we often don’t actually know what our definition of happiness is!

A life changing conversation

A friend asked me, what you would image to be, a couple of straightforward questions;

  • what does happiness look like for you?
  • how will you know when you’ve achieved it?

These questions stopped me in my tracks! The rest of the conversation went something like this:

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