Totally Awesome Peeps…!!


Totally Awesome Peeps…!!

Saturday was awesome! The morning was spent filming some promotional material for Wilde Performance and the afternoon having food and drinks with some awesome, likeminded and inspirational people who I’m honoured to call friends!

The absolute genius that is Mark Whitehand (anyone who can make me look good on camera has to be a genius!) was in charge of filming both myself and the amazing Tim Neale, an Emotional Mastery Trainer who has helped me to eliminate fears and is a fellow Wilde Performance client. Tim will be writing a guest post in the new year which I’m super excited about!

As for Mark, one’s thing for sure – he seriously knows his stuff! I can’t wait to see the final edit, but for now he has very kindly let me share his vlog from the day – click here to enjoy!

Inspire or drain…?!

Surrounding myself with inspiring people has not happened by accident but has played a huge part in how I’ve changed over the last few months.

People who inspire you (‘big headed’ people) bring out the best in you, they get you, your goals and support you on your journey. They are often already living the life you’d like, or are at least well on their way!

People who drain you (‘small headed’ people) are those who put you down, tell you that you can’t achieve your dreams or ask why you’re even dreaming in the first place!

One of the toughest exercises I did was working out who drained me and who inspired me.

‘Big headed’ peeps…

All of us on Saturday share the same goals – to become the best version of ourselves, to live a life derived from passion and being true to ourselves. I felt so blessed to be in such great company, the support and belief that we have in each other is truly amazing and really touching.

A few months ago I wouldn’t have felt like I deserved to be in their company, in all honesty I’d have felt quite intimidated by them and their sheer awesomeness! Now I know that I deserve to have them in my life and that their awesomeness reflects the person that I am!

So how do we meet these awesome peeps?

Remember the film ‘Field of Dreams’ and the line ‘build it and they will come’? It’s a similar principle here; if you believe these people are out there and that you deserve them in your life they will start popping up everywhere, you just have to open yourself up to receive them.

Firstly, the guys I spent Saturday with aren’t the only awesome people I know! Many of the ‘big headed’ people in my life I’ve known for a long time but just hadn’t connected with them on that level. Because I’d known them for so long, I thought I had them figured out and interacted with them based on habit and preconception. Oh how they’ve suprised me!

When I approached each person in my life with an open mind, like I’d never met them before I started to see them in a whole new light. When I started to talk about my journey more openly, I found that many people were having similar experiences and by sharing them our relationships suddenly had a whole new depth.

Secondly, all you need is one awesome person in your life and you will start attracting more! That one person will introduce you to another, who will then introduce you to another and before you know it you’ll be surrounded by them!

What should you take away from this?

Ask yourself honestly; who drains you and who inspires you? How much time are you spending with people in each of these categories?

Start a fresh with everyone you meet, forget your preconceptions. ‘Test the water’ if you’re not sure by mentioning snippets of your plan, your passions, the changes you’d like to make and see what their reaction is.

Really listen to what they’re saying; be mindful, respond and interact with them like it’s the first time you’ve met rather than based on habit. Respond from a place of great self worth and confidence, rather than a place of fear and need for approval.

What about the ‘small headed’ people? I’ll be discussing them in my next post! And if you want more information on what I mean by being mindful, I’ll also be doing a post on that very soon!

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  • I could’t agree more. What a fab day spent with some of my favourite peeps in the World <3

    What you said about deserving to have us in your life totally resonated with me. I also used to think like that and now realise I totally deserve to have amazing people in my life, we all do, but it's whether you allow that greatness in or not right?

    It's a pleasure to know you Helen and an awesome privilege to see you starting to really fly now – fabulous 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comments Tim, it really was an awesome day!

      Accepting that we deserve amazing people in our lives really is key and I couldn’t agree more that it’s our choice as to whether or not we accept them!

      It’s equally my pleasure to know you Tim and I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today without your help 🙂

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